Why I don't hate Mondays & Three Tips on How To Be More Mindful

Being probably the only person I know who doesn’t hate Mondays, today I want to give you a little reminder. 
Some times the days, weeks even months or years rush by and we stand there, passively taking part but without really taking any notice of it - until it hits us. ‚What have I done in the last few weeks? I don’t remember, I guess they’ve just been normal days.‘ But then, there are moments when you feel like time stops for a little while, moments of pure bliss, joy and happiness. Now the question is: What makes these two so different? 

I can’t give you the one perfect answer to this one because that would mean I’d hold the key to life lasting happiness - and I don’t. But I do want to share my thoughts on it with you. 
The only ‚thing‘ that is able to make these moments be so different from each other is: You. It’s you and your consciousness that is in control. Thinking about the specialty of this moment, being aware of its rareness is what makes is unique in the first place. Without these exact thoughts it’s nothing more than a moment that just happened. Great sunsets happen every second. A child is born every second. What makes these events special is the perceiver only. 

Today I ask you to be mindful. 

Be mindful and be thankful. 


First thing in the morning right after you wake up, take a deep breath in, breathe out and for a few seconds think about something that makes today special. It can be that you meet a friend for coffee in the afternoon or that you’ll be at you favourite class in the gym, anything. Start your day with the intention of making it the best one you ever had and you will. During the day, try to take notice of every small little dash of happiness that enters your life. For instance, when I was picking up some furniture that I ordered from the store, I was the only one in the line the employee gave a smile. It made my day (and the beautiful new furniture did, too). 


My second wish is for you to be actually living in the moment instead of waiting for opportunities, situations, love, friendship or happiness to just 'fly in' - because they won't. That one goes back to a phenomena I took notice of just a few days ago. I am pretty sure there is something in your home that you’ve been saving up for something special - and it’s not money. I’m thinking wine, shoes, special food, a watch. Something you will use ‚when the time is ready‘. But what does that even mean? A special moment won’t just ‚happen‘ and I’m repeating myself here but it’s YOU that decides wether this moment deserves specialness or not. I’m asking you to make use of your things. To wear your 600$ shoes to the grocery store. To drink that 1970 wine all by yourself. To eat that white truffle on your spaghetti on a Monday evening watching Netflix. Make use out of your items. You have the power to transform this very moment into the best moment of your life if you let it be. 


This morning while being on the train for quite some time (Berlin things) I listened to my favorite podcast from a guy who unfortunately is no longer alive: Alan Watts. If there is one podcast you should start listening to, it's this one. His deep, wise voice will change your life forever. While all of the episodes are outstanding the one I am referring to now is the one about time, a concept mankind has created solely for the purpose of convenience. Way too often we perceive ourselves as slaves of past actions - as if they'd had the power to determine our present. The goal is to liberate our mind from these boundaries and start living in this very moment. Happiness cannot be found in our past as well as it surely does not lay in our future. 

I want to end with my last request for today and I have seen this one around a lot but that only shows its importance. It is to simply say ‚yes‘ more often. And to consciously do so. Every time in the next few weeks when you’re thinking about whether to go to the gym or not (I surely have to work on this myself haha) or to go on a spontaneous trip I want you to get your s*** together, get ready and start living your life to the fullest. Make these moments different because time goes by if you take notice of it or not.