My Gratitude Journal - Free Download

Hey guys!

Today I'm bringing you my first freebie and it's very close to my heart. I'm sharing with you my own gratitude journal. It includes a page to use in the morning to set intentions and one for the evening to recap your day and create goals for the next day.

But what is it exactly, a gratitude journal? And why should you use it?

It's basically the adult form of your teenage diary. I find it really hard to write a page about my day every night, and when people do that it's very often about complaining about what happened to them each day and maybe expressing their worries. If you know anything about the law of attraction, your alarm bells should be ringing.
By writing about the negative and hurtful moments, you will actually attract exactly these moments into your life.
And that's not really what you want, I guess.

That's where gratitude journals come into play. Obviously, they're main focus is on being grateful for what you already have in your life and for what's to come. Therefore, they can be a very powerful tool to use the law of attraction in your everyday life. In this journal, I also included a section to focus on exactly that.

I feel - and many other do, too - feel like writing down your thoughts about the day before going to bed really helps with clearing my mind and therefore helping me ease into sleep. I love to follow journaling with some sort of meditation to make sure the goals I set for the next day wander down into my unconsciousness to manifest even stronger in my life.

Practising gratefulness is so powerful. It will help boost your self esteem and help you connect more to your fellow human beings. I personally have changed the way I wander through the world completely since I express my gratitude regularly. There are really so many studies to be found that will tell you even more about the amazing benefits of keeping a gratitude journal. I hope you enjoy the template I created for you. If you have any questions concerning the use and how to fill in the blanks, feel free to leave a comment under this post.

Love & Peace,