Hi! I'm Jasmin, 18-year-old Instagram addict, recipe creator and food photography amateur. Because of several different food intolerances and ethical reasons, I'm vegan.
I try to keep my general diet low in histamine and fructose, however, not all of the recipes I share on Mango and Coconuts fit in that diet.
If you want to learn more about histamine and how it can be harmful to some of us, click here. Fortunately, my histamine tolerance level rose a lot over the past year (wow, it really is almost a year!), which means I'm able to eat peanuts, avocado and green bananas again on a regular basis without having a very strong reaction (and chocolate, too!). However, I still try to stay clear of tomatoes, spinach, canned beans (or legumes in general), cashew nuts, some berries, soy etc.
I'm labelling every recipe I post to show you if it suits your requirements.

Hope you like it! Xx