I was in Berlin last week looking for a room to rent (I found a super pretty one!) and while we were running from house to house, there were still a few moments to relax and enjoy the amazing vegan food the capital of Germany has to offer.

For breakfast on Friday we went to Daluma, a small café that offers breakfast, acai bowls, juices, coffee & entrees. I had some chia pudding with nut topping and it was deliiiiish.

For dinner we chose an omnivore "fast food" restaurant, that has vegan burgers as well: Schiller. If you're in Berlin, try the "Anmut und Würde", it is beyond amazing.

If you're more of a brunch girl (or boy), try OhLaLa. The vegan pawlova tasted just like "the real thing", I promise! And they have pretty cool drinks as well.

Keep an eye on my blog to find out more about vegan options in Berlin!

However, we ended up shopping some stuff at Veganz and I found the eatable cookie dough by Eat Pasty in their fridge. I got the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip version and OH MY GOD...

Oh. My. God.

Vegan cookies (and their dough) just got to the next level. I really love this stuff, it's crazy!

But unfortunately it's made with white flour, sugar, palm oil and other not-so-healthy ingredients (but vegan and they also have gluten-free options). Sounded like something to healthify, right?

Imagine this: Eat Pasty Cookie Dough container on the counter, me reading ingredients and going through the pantry to find healthier options, eye-balling the measurements and not really having a clue what I'm doing.

Then imagine: Magic happens.
The dough comes out perfect the first time (it really it eat pastry because I ate a few tablespoons before baking).

I popped it into the fridge and whipped up some chocolate (recipe for this coming very soon, I'm planning a bigger post on this).

While the chocolate was setting, I ate a little more of the dough and got happier and happier.

After chopping up one chocolate bar and adding it to the mixture, I finally baked the cookies and - no surprise - they came out of the oven just as perfect as they were before!

NOTE: this recipe is boyfriend and mom approved (basically a impossible combination) so feel free to offer them to your folks as well (and don't tell them they're healthy and vegan at first).

* To make this recipe lower in histamine, sub the banana for a green one (if tolerated) or some apple sauce as well as the peanut butter for some almond butter or pumpkin seed or sunflower seed butter. Have fun with it and experiment!