Wooaaah. Woah. Okay, honestly, this is all I can say about this creation above. It is so good no words can describe it. I made the falafels for dinner yesterday and they were better when I ate them fresh, so even if the whole thing might take a while, it is definitely worth it! 
Okay, here are some more pictures of the most delicious dish eveeerrrr:

And here are the recipes: They taste amazing on their own but if you want to take it to the next level, combine them all and let the party in your mouth begin! 
You can use the flat bread with a lot of things like peanut butter, jam or your favorite savory spread (try hummus!).

Falafel are often made with chickpeas (like 99,9% of the time) but if you can't have ANY legumes, having falafel is very very difficult (if not impossible). This is a super easy low-histamine recipe is perfect for so many allergies, it's nut free, gluten free, oil free & regardless of the free-of-anything-ingredient-list it actually tastes super good!

Thumbs up for Seitan! Did you know that 100g contain 75 grams of PROTEIN!? Crazy!